•     How are you feeling today?
  •     Burnt out?
  •     Stressed, anxious or overwhelmed?
  •     Are you out of love with your body?
  •     Do you constantly compare yourself to other people and find yourself wanting?
  •     Are you struggling in your relationships?
  •     Do you want change?

I know how that feels

I’ve been there – listening to an endless cycle of negative thoughts that left me feeling anxious, depressed and a failure. I had negative body image and couldn't walk past a mirror without a violent judgment about how terrible I looked. I had very dysfunctional relationships because I was always running, trying to hide from my own pain and blaming everyone else for my unhappiness.

Immersion in the ancient practices of yoga and Ascension Meditation changed my life. I will admit to occasional moments of self-sabotage, but my experience of life is infinitely more peaceful and gentler than I could ever have believed possible before I started on this journey. My relationships are loving because the one with myself (mind and body) is loving. I want this experience for everyone, and I can help you get there!

How I can help

These experiences taught me so many valuable lessons that left me feeling inspired to teach – to share what I’ve learnt along the way, to help you create the healthy and happy life, work, relationships you deserve.

Now I am a yoga teacher, a meditation teacher, a life coach, and an Ishaya monk. (Don’t worry – I’m not “out there”; I wear normal clothes and live with my partner and daughter!)

I offer meditation classes, life coaching and yoga in Scarborough. We can work one to one or in a group. You can keep it loose and drop into my yoga classes in Scarborough or commit to my Rise Programme and work with me for a full year with the aim of living life as one big, exciting adventure and experiencing the future you desire. Namaste to that, right?!

Whatever you choose, my stand is to help you transcend negative thinking, and experience life as joy. Yes, even in traffic, or with a difficult boss!

  Purya Ishaya, Purya Yoga